CABIN bioassessment procedures applied to streams on the north coast of british columbia

Limnotek has worked closely with Environment and Climate Change Canada and the B.C. Ministry of Environment in building and applying bioassessment models structured around the reference condition approach (RCA) and facilitated by the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Network, also known as CABIN (https://www.ec.gc.ca/rcba-cabin/ ). In earlier years, this model development work expanded to site testing in multiple areas of British Columbia and the Mackenzie River in northern Canada. Most recently, Limnotek in partnership with ESSA Technologies has applied bioassessment using CABIN to streams in the beautiful corridor between Terrace and Kitimat on the north coast of British Columbia as part of a large environmental effects monitoring program aimed at assessing environmental change from SO2 emissions from the upgraded Rio Tinto aluminum smelter in Kitimat. This project is a perfect application of the CABIN techniques and we are excited to see its outcome.