Aquatic Bio-assessment of Land Disturbance

Scope of Services:

Models using the Reference Condition Approach (RCA) for bio-monitoring were built for rapid and cost effective monitoring of mining, forestry, and other land disturbance projects. The models were built for the Skeena Region of British Columbia, the Skagit River watershed, and the Mackenzie River watershed (largest in Canada). Limnotek worked with Provincial and Federal agencies to produce the models, which are available for routine use in British Columbia and the Mackenzie River watershed. The models can be used to test stream condition using biological assemblages and habitat attributes. The models are based on scientifically based procedures that are in the published literature and they are accepted by regulatory authorities.

Relevance of the Project:

The models have scientific rigor and are accepted by regulatory authorities  for site quality screening within CEAA frameworks, long term monitoring including mining EEM, and site screening during rapid environmental assessments.