Aquatic Ecozones of British Columbia

Scope of Services:

An aquatic ecozone classification and supporting data base of water quality in British Columbia was developed. It is a tool that provides the following services:

  1. improved exchange of limnological information between people,
  2. a framework for setting water quality objectives to ecozones,
  3. information for establishing zonal reference sites for long term monitoring of key water quality variables,
  4. information to identify regional differences in the abundance of data pertaining to any variable of interest and thereby assist in planning data collection activities in the Province,
  5. descriptions of limnological and water quality characteristics by region,
  6. a data management system for water quality assessments,
  7. regional descriptions of lake and stream limnology that can form a technical basis for preparation of reference documents on the quality of fresh water resources in British Columbia.

 Index water quality sites for each region of the Province were established using GIS tools and consultation with regional water quality experts.

Relevance of the Project:

The aquatic ecozone classification was built to provide a tool for management of water quality data for British Columbia and for spatial analysis of that data. The tool was designed to evolve and change with use over time.