Kitimat Airshed Assessment Project

Scope of Services:

Limnotek is contributing to the Kitimat Airshed Emissions Effects Assessment Project as part of an initiative to ensure sustainable environmental quality with development of liquid natural gas (LNG) export facilities added to existing industry in Kitimat, British Columbia. Limnotek completed sampling to acquire chemical data from lakes and soils over a large geographic area where there is limited to no ground access. The sampling was done using special equipment and rapid sampling protocols using instruments and samplers deployed from helicopters as developed in 2012. Scientific control standards were developed by Limnotek under strict safety rules. Limnotek contributed to the selection of special laboratories for analysis of the samples and worked with those labs to ensure high quality data needed for calculation of critical load of acidity and nitrogen that will be run in a follow-up project.

Relevance of the Project:

Data acquired in this project will feed a critical set of analyses to determine critical load of acidity and nitrogen to water and soils of watersheds north and south of Douglas Channel and between Kitimat and Terrace. High quality chemical data that was collected in this project are essential for success of all further work on the airshed assessment study and for decisions on airshed management with development of LNG transportation and export facilities in Kitimat.