Large Rive Dredging

Scope of Services:

In 2001 through 2005, 6 separate but similarly designed projects were completed for the Fraser River Port Authority (FRPA) to examine impacts from dredging and channel deepening in the Fraser River. Dredging is required to maintain sufficient water depths to allow deep sea vessels access to Port facilities. In each project, Limnotek maintained a similar design to allow ongoing comparison of data. The approach incrementally added sample size and power of analysis with each new project. Results showed that benthic fish and invertebrate communities are highly resilient to disturbance. Conclusions were used in the development of new dredging procedures used by the FRPA.

Relevance of the Project:

Avoided CEAA and provided criteria for dredging procedures that were consistent with policies of environmental management in the Fraser River estuary as developed by regulatory authorities and the Fraser River Estuary Management Plan.