Ruskin Powerhouse Upgrade

Scope of Services:

Water quality was examined as part of permitting for the seismic upgrade to the Ruskin Dam and powerhouse.  Water quality monitoring using advanced instrumentation and water chemistry was used to monitor drinking water quality and water condition at Ruskin. Changes to water quality were also followed during two separate drawdown events that were required for routine maintenance at the Ruskin Dam. Observations provided insight into potential change to water quality during future drawdown during construction, thereby providing criterion that can be used to assess need for water quality protection measures during construction. Specific tasks included analysis of trophic state, analysis of risk of turbidity events during drawdown scenarios, analysis of risk of algal blooms related to potential release of nutrients during drawdown, and analysis of water quality downstream of the Ruskin Dam using the Reference Condition Approach for bioassessment.

Relevance of the Project:

Detailed water monitoring was used to anticipate water quality issues for domestic water supplies and to develop mitigation measures during construction.