Why is Limnology important?

Clean water may be something many of us take for granted. In developed countries it is always there just by turning a tap. In other places, clean water can be more difficult to find. But regardless of where we live, watersheds have natural processes that produce clean water, especially if those watersheds have forests or other abundant vegetation. Watersheds are also where we explore, have fun, extract minerals, pump or mine oil and gas, remove trees for building materials and other products, flood lands to store water for power production for many basic and advanced parts of society. We have amazing buildings and livable spaces in cities, and they are truly wonderful. Things we often do not see in cities or are less visible actually keep them functioning. One of them is water. Limnology is the science of water and it is about the connection between people and water.

Limnotek conducts applied science and works with people to figure out how to best use aquatic resources that people value. We collect data from the field and use mathematical routines to figure out how lakes, streams and water supplies change with various stresses.  We work with models to show clients how natural aquatic systems may change with some planned or surprising events or process. We contribute to water use planning, and show clients how water as a resource may be altered by manipulations whether it be storage reservoirs, diversions, industrial development, mining, and other processes. Our data supports decisions by reducing uncertainty about outcomes from change in watersheds. The world is changing rapidly and more than ever skills are needed to show ways to adapt to that change. Limnotek contributes to that process through science and connections with people.