Communications and support

Our robust approach to analysis leads to deep understanding of the aquatic ecosystem in question and makes water management decisions easy. A sound technical basis for answering questions or meeting regulatory requirements is always better than relying on judgement or cursory review. The latter invariably leads to controversy, wasted time, unresolved dispute, and budget overruns. More importantly it leads to frustration. Not good for anyone. The Limnotek approach removes uncertainty and by so doing it removes unnecessary argument. It supports a timely approval process whether it is for resource development, flow regulation, conservation, waste discharge, restoration, development of site specific water use and quality guidelines, or other initiative.

Our approach builds trust and understanding between people. This is where we shine. Once a project is underway we have a fluid communciation stream to provide support in every step. Once major findings are reported, even the smallest question is clearly answered. Uncertainties are resolved immediately. Often one on one conversations are used to avoid delays. At the end of the day, people are confident they have made the right decision with Limnotek at their back.

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