Coupled with the select gear and people is a quality control system that maintains checks on every step of our field process. Safety and quality control start right from planning before leaving for the field to checks and balances and communication rigor on every step of every task. Our system works. It produces highest quality data for all to use. 

Limnotek is field savvy. Our 40 years of experience has led to safe, predictable, high quality field operations. We have the latest instruments for profiling biogeochemical variables down to 600 m, which covers all lakes, reservoirs, and coastal ocean places where we work. We have all the depth-specific water collection devices, winches, and lines (lines are actually a big deal) for deployment in harshest conditions. We have instrumentation that operates year round including under ice. We have the gear for sampling small particles through to biotic communities extending from smallest plankton to invertebrates and fish in pelagic and littoral habitats. In our river projects we have developed unique sampling gear for benthic invertebrates and periphyton and instrumentation arrays customized to specific conditions.

Most important, we have a select group of contractors who know what they are doing when the going gets tough. They are select individuals having unique skills that makes even the most challenging logistics seem easy. Moreover, they are  not complacent in the easiest conditions where mistakes can happen because things are easy.

We engage people from First Nations communities in our field activities. Indigenous knowledge and wisdom is conveyed to us to enable a greater understanding of how a river or lake or reservoir or coastline works based on stories of the past. In return, our knowledge is conveyed to indigenous technicians. We all learn from each other. The result is wonderful sets of data through mutual respect and understanding.


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